Thank You, *le random person!

A bundle of thanks is due to every single person who graced this year with his or her presence. To those with whom my interaction began and those with whom it continued, thank you. Thank you for introducing me to dimensions of life I was hitherto ignorant of. Thank you for helping me learn, for helping me grow and be the person I am today as I sit geared up to welcome this new year. Thank you for the smiles. Thank you, also, for the tears. Thank you for the laughter, and also for the pain. Thank you just for being there. You have no idea how much I learnt by your mere existence, *le random person.

There in my rear view mirror disappearing now... 2014 Courtesy: stevenjwilliams, tumblr.
There in my rear view mirror disappearing now… 2014
Courtesy: stevenjwilliams, tumblr.

I made a list of life lessons this year, and I’d like to share three of them here. One: all answers come to those who ask. Two: if you claim to be passionate about something, your claim shall be put to test. And three: Victory takes you closer to success. Defeat takes you closer to God. Of the two, therefore, the latter is indisputably the better.

I don’t make resolutions anymore, as you might know. I set a purpose. And this year, my purpose is to not-discuss people behind their backs. Shut up mid-sentence if I have to.

Thank you for reading this post, *le random person. Happy New Year!


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